Ysera — Neutral Card

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Ysera is a neutral minion. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.


General Comments

Ysera is a great card in Control decks due to the Dream Cards which it produces. However, although hard to remove, the actual damage that Ysera threatens is low, and it is not very good at controlling the board on the turn on which it comes into play. This means that your opponent will often have a free turn with which to get in a lot more damage. On the other hand, when played onto an empty board, Ysera is a terrifying prospect. The 12 Health makes the card very difficult to remove, and the Dream cards become particularly problematic if more than one is drawn, due to the drain on enemy resources that they represent.


Constructed Play

Ysera's primary strength is as a resource generator in slow Control decks. However, when Knights of the Frozen Throne was released, Eternal Servitude and Shadow Essence entered the game, and Big Priest decks revolving around getting impactful minions into play early became commonplace. Ysera is ideal in such decks, as the health total is high, and the card has an ongoing effect. This means that even if you get a 1/1 version of the card into play with Barnes, you will still get a Dream card.



Ysera is a very strong card in Arena. If you can go toe to toe with your opponent so that Ysera has to face minimal threats when played, the resources gained from playing it will likely win you the game. Your opponents will often not be able to answer Ysera on the turn on which it is played, which will lead to multiple Dream cards being drawn.