[Stromrage][A] <Red Dragon Riders> dps and healers for Legion

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The Red Dragon Riders are a new Alliance guild on US-Stormrage. 

Raid Times:

Tues 6:45-10:00 EST
Thurs 6:45-10:00 EST


2-3 Healers of any Class
Any and all DPS (Ranged is favorable)


Microphone and Mumble
Ability to take constructive criticism
Heroic/Mythic Experience is preferred.
Viewable logs preferred to evaluate skill.

General Info:

Many of our member came from a guild on the Horde side of Area 52, with the plan of starting our own raiding guild. 
Many of our members are 13/13H with some of our officers being up to 8/13M.
Loot will be Personal, until we hit Mythic. At that point we will be switching to a Loot Council handled by the officers.

If interested, please contact:


We also have a guild website:

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