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[Kel'Thuzad][A] <Affinity> all raiders for Legion

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Hello Friends,

Affinity of Kel'thuzad is recruiting for raids during Legion.  We are a close group of friends who want to raid hard, but not often.  I would put us somewhere around the middle of the road between casual and hardcore.  The majority of us have been playing since Vanilla.  In WOD we managed to clear everything on Heroic, but just couldn't get the body count for Mythic Raids.

In Legion we want that to change.  We are recruiting for all specs/classes.  We will gladly accept folks who want to raid with us cross realm to try us out. If you like us, you can come on over.

The main things we look for in recruits:

  • Good attitude (no seriously, no jerks, be chill).
  • Good attendance.

You should join us if:

  • You want to raid hard, but only 2-3 nights a week.
  • You want to be flexible with classes/specs you want to play.  We want you to play what you have fun with.
  • You want friends you can count on to be there during raid times.
  • You want friends to PVP with on off-raid times, and not rage out
  • You want to push the new Mythic Dungeons 
  • You want free-repairs and raid mats.
  • You play WOW to have fun over all else!

If you want to join:

Just PM me here, or send a friend request to B-Tag: Smellybacon#1113.  We do not have some in depth recruitment application process.  If you hang out in the guild/raids and get along with us, then you will stay.  If you rage, are excessively rude, or bitchy, then you'll get kicked.  Remember we're all here to have fun!



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