[Outland] [A] <Knights of Ashran> Recruiting for legion !

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[Outland] [A] <Knights of Ashran> We are a new guild but we have past mythic experience !

 ! Knights Of Ashran !

Knights of ashran is a raiding guild that has past exp for mythic raids that is recruiting for all classes for the rest of the pre patch and also legion ! Like I say we are recruiting all classes so all is welcome, we will be raiding once a week moving up to twice maybe three times a week ! We will be starting off with heroic raids and progressing together to mythic raids ! If any one is intrested in this guild please reply or add me on @  ShepherdRiel#2175


Many Thanks

I will see you in the burning legion ;) 

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    • By Nomi
      ALTernate Arrangements (Alliance) a 2 night raiding guild, is currently looking for exceptional players to continue our path into Legion. 
      We're currently  4/10M & 10/10H Nighthold - 7/7M Emerald Nightmare
      We're looking at all exceptional applicants to continue to build our roster for progression into Mythic Nighthold.

      Our Raid Times:
      Tues 6:45-10:30 CST
      Thurs 6:45-10:30 CST
      Currently Recruiting
      Shadow Priest
      Elemental Shaman
      900+  ilvl (equipped)
      Artifact lvl 40+

      A mic to be able to speak in Discord.
      Be able to take constructive criticism from the officers.
      90% attendance, as we only raid twice a week.
      General Info:
      Loot is handled by a fair and organized council composed of our Officers and 3 randomly selected senior raiders.
      We are generally very active in our Discord on non-raid days, and participate in Mythic+ groups, as well as alt raids.

      We have been around since ICC, and intend to keep going for years to come. We can offer a stable guild for you to grow into and continue your WoW journey.  
      To inquire please contact one of the following:
      Nomichan  - (battlenet) Nomi#1573
      Please have logs available for us to look at to evaluate your skill level.
      You can also apply on our website:
      Thanks for your interest!
    • By Stealthngg
      838 Rogue LF Semi-Hardcore raiding guild.  While only casually playing since BC, I am looking to progress through raiding content in Legion fairly quickly in a friendly, positive guild that has a strong sense of community.  I’m a super nice dude that likes to have a positive play experience.  I’m NOT interested in guilds that are morally-absent i.e. filthy, abusive, degenerative.  
      I have headset as well as Ventrillo/TS/Mumble capabilities, and I can transfer server/faction.  I am constantly striving to increase DPS & maintain survivability through research.  I’ve logged over 4,000 hours on this rogue so I know how to play it.  

      CENTRAL TIME (Pacific -2, Mountain -1, Eastern +1)
      Monday: 10 PM-1 PM
      Tuesday:7 PM-1 AM
      Wednesday: 10 PM-1 AM
      Thursday: 7 PM-1 AM
      Friday: 7 PM-2 AM
      Saturday: 7 PM-2 AM
      Sunday: 7 PM-1 AM
      Raid Experience:
      Casual Raiding up to WoD
      WoD: 15/16 Heroic HFC
      Battlenet: Franky5#1523
    • By imiketheknight
      We are a dedicated guild focusing on gearing up for when raiding becomes available. We need DPS 840+ to full up our raid team. We are looking to raid 2-3 days a week depending on availability. We are dedicated to progressing and gearing up. We have a TS server. We are a weird and wonderful bunch, easy to talk to. We also do PvP. If you're interested in joining our dedicated and experienced raid team. reply below or /w [Imíke] or [Onesiestar] online. We are usually online every day after 2pm server time.
    • By Thundorn
      Hey guys I've had my own "holding guild" for my alts. 

      I've decided it is time to do something with it.
      I'd like to start by forming a 10 man raid team and then see where it goes. Ideally I'm looking for social players who will contribute to the raid effort. 
      Basically I need everything at the moment.
      I'm not as bothered about people with plenty of raiding experience as much as I'm interested in finding people with love for the game, and more importantly, the patience it will take to get a new raiding guild off the ground. 
      I look forward to hearing from anyone with an interest in helping me knit a good, strong, and close team.
    • By Lamma
      Meme City
      What are we recruiting:
      1 Healer --> currently have resto shama and WW monk When are we raiding
      Wednesday 6:30 GMT +1 (UK time) to 9:30 PM Thursday 6:30 GMT +1 (UK time) to 9:30 PM What are we aiming to do
      We are a casual guild We will start of in normal then progress to HC Main aim is to have fun but during raids we will be serious about trying to make progression Message me on here if you  any questions :)
      Follow this think to our application page:
      I look forward to hearing from you.