Arcane VS Fire in Legion?

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Hey everyone.

So I was playing my mage in WoD as arcane and was very happy with it. Know the prepatch came and I was nearly forced to switch to fire to stay on top.

But I think playing fire was more fun in "the old days" and now I am really struggeling what to play in Legion. On the other hand seems arcane really complicated now with Quickening and the conserve phase.

My question is, if anyone knows if arcane will become stronger again with Legion or won't it be worth playing?

Greetings and thanks in advance!

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Arcane should be fine in Legion, it's just really far behind in the pre-patch because Fire gets ridiculous synergy from Flame Patch and the class trinket.  It's too tough to say if it will be strong though since things are still in tuning, and will be in tuning even at launch.  No numbers anyone gives is reliable to how things will be in raids, but it probably is a safe bet Fire will be better for a while.  Arcane WAY outscales Fire though, Quickening is one of the strongest scaling mechanics because of how it works with more mastery paired with missile proc rate from the Artifact + Relics etc.

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From what I've read in the class Discord, with the artifacts and everything else Fire will still be the superior Mage spec in the beginning of Legion (unless they decide to nerf it with hotfixes).

Arcane scales very well with gear and usually shines in the end of an expansion. But the same is true for Fire too. With the artifacts, though, I think Arcane will definitely be better than Frost (which looks pretty dead atm) and will certainly be the second best spec.

I am not sure how old a player you are, but Legion Fire is very close to the "old days" you are talking about. It's very close to how it used to be in Wotlk, arguably one of the best (if not the best) periods for the spec.

TL;DR: Fire is and will remain extremely strong, it is very far ahead from both other specs.

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Thanks a lot for your replies guys!

I made my choise and will start with Fire and keep watching which changes are coming and when it will maybe be time to switch to Arcane again.

Looking forward to Legion ^_^

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Right now arcane is OK spec but fire is stronger. 


However I tend to believe (very strongly though)  that arcane will eventually beat fire due to scalling of items. 

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