[Bladefist/KulTiras][A] <Gnome Puns Intended> healers and ranged dps

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We are currently recruiting for our Bladefist/Kul’Tiras Alliance – US raid group for Legion. We raid Saturday nights (group forms at 9:30 and the first boss pull by 10pm est). Our guild is Gnome Puns Intended, and we are a group of people raiding together since Pandaland, but have raiding experience before that.

We are a casual group who are looking for heroic runs with the possibility of mythics down the line. Currently we are 13/13 heroic progressed. Our number one goal is fun and we also have the occasional night for alt runs, drunken nights, and mount / mog / pet / achievement runs. We are an all-inclusive group and all we ask is you are not a jerk to others, willing to learn, and have some humor. Those returning from the game after a break are more than welcome to apply. We would prefer that you have had some prior raid experience beyond LFR if you are considering joining us.

We are currently looking for heals and range dps. While playing one spec is completely fine, those who are willing to have a backup spec/role are highly encouraged and will be rewarded. We distribute gear with Guild Master Loot with a main-spec over off-spec system, where we prioritize those willing to play their off-spec over general off-spec (ex: back up heals or tank).

We are setting up an alt run too, for even more casual people or for people with off schedules. That group can use any role atm and the date/time is tba.

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