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Hey folks!

That time again!  Foundation are looking to recruit players for our upcoming push into Legion content.  We ended last expansions raiding back in February getting 11/13M on just two nights a week progress.

We are looking to rebuild and push forward into Legion and have plans for two raids teams at this time.  

Our first raid team will be looking to clear heroic content quickly and push towards a mythic roster, while our second team will be looking to finish heroic raiding.

Raid Times:

Team 1 - Wednesday and Sunday 20.15-23.00 (server time)  Possible extra raid evenings may be scheduled at the beginning of the expansion.

Team 2 - To be determined

We also have a large number of new social players joining the guild and we are wanting to create more of a social hub this coming expansion.  Outside of raiding we have a lot of keen gold makers and want to try and maintain the social feel amongst all members especially at the start of a fresh expansion where there is a lot of new content.

So whether you are a semi hardcore raider looking to really push your character, a social raider wanting to complete raid content away from LFR, or a general player looking for some decent guild chat and groups to help with world content, we hope Foundation can be your home for Legion!

Feel free to /w myself peelyon#2117 or another member of the guild for more info or apply at our website



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