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[Dalaran][A] <The Band> raiders for Legion

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The Band is a six year old guild. We are located on Dalaran. We have successfully received all the AoTC achievements since their inception. We have struggled a little bit in legion to maintain a consistent 20 people to push mythic content. Currently, we have 15 solid and consistent players on our raid team. We are looking for healers and dps (prefer ranged, but melee is ok too). Our raid times are tues, weds, and thurs from 9-11pm EST. We have a great time and laugh a lot during raid. Our focus heading into legion is to kill mythic bosses, but also to maintain a consistent raid team. We are all good players, we got stuck on gore, and that really sealed our fate, as we didnt have enough like minded players on our team. Which in turn halted our progression for the last few months of the xpac. If you are at all interested, please let me talk to you personally. Allow me to sell <The Band> to you, we really are a great guild and even better raid team. The hard working, dedicated individuals that are currently on our roster are really good. Like I said, we kinda got dumped on by just taking what we could get, building them up to mythic level ilvl's and then on the first hard boss, those people kinda gave up and quit logging in. We got him to 26% a few times, then the wheels fell off. Most everyone that has any kind of interaction with our raid team or guild, will all tell you that we are an awesome group of people and really enjoy the company of each other. I hope to hear from some of you, and i hopefully look forward to pushing progression with you. We wont be top on the realm, but we have always traditionally been top 5 easy. If this at all sounds interesting, add my btag, and lets chat! Come see what <The Band> is all about. I personally guarantee your satisfaction in our guild!

Thank you, Howyoudruin (<The Band> GM)


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