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[Illidan][H] <Has Naughty Secrets> Mythic Raiders for Legion

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<Has Naughty Secrets>
Server: Illidan [H]
Raid Times: T/Th 7p-11p EST
Loot System: Loot Council

Our History:
During the Cataclysm, in the year 20XX, a group of RL friends and veteran raiders decided to band together to build a semi-casual but progression-oriented 10-man raiding guild. We told ourselves that we would be content raid a couple of days a week for a few hours as long as we were killing bosses steadily. 

Well, this lasted through Firelands, wherein we built a stable roster of (mostly) excellent players all hungry to finish the expansion strong. So, what started off as semi-casual play evolved into PTR raid testing so that we could clear out N Dragon Soul in the first lockout and get through Heroic Madness as quickly as possible. As the nights got later and the kills required more effort, the thrill of victory was all the sweet and we soon realized we had deceived ourselves: we were not casuals trying to be hardcore; we were hardcore players at heart who were trying to be casual. Of course, H Madness was dead by this point and the toll H Spine took on our souls could never be undone. So with that, we decided to enjoy our accomplishments and take a break until MoP. But the fire wasn't there in MoP, the dailies were arduous and boring, and hurricane Sandy kept most of our raiders offline for a solid few weeks. And with that, the fellowship was broken, and it was time for everyone to go their separate ways...

...until one day, during a nightly game of Overwatch, the memories of past victories and the prospect of future glory began to creep into the minds and conversations of the old HNS squad. Legion raiding looked exciting, most of us had kept our skills sharp in WoD, and many of our old friends were coming back for the new expansion. As we reached out to our old crew and continued to get positive responses - even from people who now professed an undying hatred for Blizzard - we knew that Fate was drawing us together once more. 

About Us:
Most simply, we're a group of friends who love playing cooperative and competitive video games together. World of Warcraft offers some of the most robust, cooperative PvE content in gaming and so naturally Mythic Raiding and Mythic+ Dungeons are as appealing to us as ever. But "fun" isn't just showing up and banging our heads against bosses and saying "well at least we all got to hang out tonight." Our fun involves progression and pushing ourselves and our characters to perform better each night we show up. So, if you're idea of fun is within the same vicinity as our idea of fun, you might be a good fit for our motley crew. 

As competitive as we look to be in our games, we're also a pretty laid back bunch. Most of us are in our mid to late 20s, and some of us are getting dangerously close to 30. We have families, jobs, and career ambitions - hence the more limited raid schedule. You need not be an old-timer to apply, but you do need to make sure you get off our damn lawn when we ask. When we aren't on WoW, we also like to hang out on voice chat and play other games, watch speed running on Twitch, MMA, pro-wrestling (only semi-ironically), or, in more recent days, World Star (not something we're proud of, obviously). You're more than welcome to join us, but you're also welcome to show up, never talk to us unless a boss requires it, and perform well in a mythic raid environment.  

Our plan is to hit the ground running in Legion, tearing our way through the leveling content and grinding out Mythic+ and Mythic dungeons on the way to and through Emerald Dream Heroic so that we can push into Mythic ED as soon as possible. This is going to be frontloaded and fast-paced, but if competitive raiding is your thing then it should also be a ton of fun as well!

What You Can Expect from Us:

Leadership - Experienced, level-headed leadership dedicated to pushing content, no matter how difficult, time consuming, and challenging that task can be. We've been a part of progression guilds since Vanilla and have been leading them since Wrath - we know what we're getting into and know the fortitude required to see it to the end (of the expansion). 
Raid Prep - Detailed breakdowns of strategies before new bosses and critical adjustments to those strategies as we progress on fights.
Dedication to beating the Recruitment Boss - We don't stop recruiting once the roster is full; we know burnout/turn-over is "a thing," and we also know that not everyone who raids with us will ultimately make the final cut, so we will be actively recruiting for a suitable bench to make sure the show goes on. 
Food/Flasks/Talent Swapping - We appreciate help from the guild in prepping these materials, but such help isn't required. We want to make your job easier (tanking/healing/DPS) so you can make the guild's job easier (killing bosses).
Clear Communication of Expectations - No  passive aggressive comments about subpar performance (unless we really like you and think you can take a good ribbing). We will help analyze logs, point out performance issues directly, and try to give folks the tools they need to succeed and improve when necessary. 
A fun environment - Whether you just log on for raids or want to spend more time with the guild in “extra-curricular” or extra-WoW relating gaming, we want this guild to be a fun place to be and want people to enjoy (or at least tolerate-without-difficulty) one another when they're together. And since the bulk of our fun centers around Mythic progression, we're very committed to making sure that particular fun doesn't get disrupted.

What We Expect from our Raiders:

Performance - Research your class, research the fights, be invested in pushing your character as far as it can go. You don't have to be knocking it out of the park with 100% rankings on Warcraft Logs every week, but you should care how you did perform and how you can improve it in the next go-around. 
Realists - We're building a guild and so far we've brought together some exceedingly talented people, but we also know that building a Mythic warmachine takes time to get it into its Final Form. The Mythic boss kills are an inevitability, but it will require work. Those with progression raiding experience know the ups-and downs, those who are serious about raiding but new to The Raid Game will learn quickly. Know what you're signing up for. 
Promptness -  You don't have to be 10 minutes early, but first pull is at 7pm EST so you need to be ready to go by that time (and not asking for an invite and a summon at that time).
Communication - Caught in traffic? Family emergency? Planned Vacation? Let us know. We're not entitled to information about your personal life, but we do need to know what to expect you from during raid times. Sending a text, message or an in-game mail (a week in advance, assuming it's not a last minute emergency) can go a long way to making sure the raid continues to function properly, even in your absence. 
Teachability - If getting called out publicly for publicly standing in the fire or triggering a raid-wiping mechanic sounds like the kind of thing that will make you a better person in-game and IRL, you've come to the right place. As guild leaders, we have to be open to hearing from our squad where we can improve, and as raiders, there has to be an openness to being challenged and pushed in constructive ways to sharpen performance. 
Composure - Everyone enjoys the explosive ragequit every now and then, and a nice verbal rampage about an encounter is (probably) healthy from time to time, but we do expect that people will hold that crap in check when the time is right. 
No Drama - Every guild wants this, only a blessed few achieve it in their lifetimes. There are ways we can work through conflicts of personalities, ideas, and methods, so let's find the most constructive ways to do that in our off-time rather than cause a firestorm in the middle of a boss fight.

Revised Recruitment Needs:

Tanks: Currently Full, though interested in those who may want to maintain a serviceable tank OS.
DPS: Looking for ranged DPS (Mage/Lock/Spriest/Hunter)) at this point, though exceptional DKs will be considered.
Healers: Healing roster is pretty much set, though those interested in maintaining a strong healing spec while primarily DPSing are especially encouraged to apply. 

Raid Lead: Scarytown#1531
GM: Dusty#1475

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