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[Kel'thuzad][A] <Mist> (13/13M) Mythic raiders

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About us:


Mist was established as a casual alt guild in 2015. After a few of our main guilds crumbled, we decided to reform as a serious progression guild, going into Legion, as of May 2015. We've been recruiting and trialing players in mythic HFC ever since, and are now expanding our search to the wow forums and reddit, for a solid healer and a few DPS, to ensure we get the best raiders we can find. We have experienced leadership to take us to where we want to go, and that is being the best guild on Kel'thuzad by the end of Legion. 

Our raid spots are competitive and will go to the best performers, so as long as you are performing well and doing proper research/preparation, you will have a spot on the team. For those who don't perform, they get relegated to our second team and will be given a chance to trial again if we see improvement.

Check out the link below if you're interested in our team:



– Short term: Top 5 guild on Kel’thuzad
-Long term: Competitive guild on an international scale 



(all times are in server time, which is MST)
Tuesday – 7-11pm = (9pm-1am EST)
Thursday – 7-11pm
Friday – 7-11pm
Monday - 7-11pm added during the first few weeks of progression



-Able to communicate through Team Speak
-Willing to accept constructive advice and explain your opinion coherently
-Dedicated and knowledgeable of encounters and class (ability to analyze logs in order to improve is a HUGE plus)
-15 minutes early for raid (so we’re ready to go at our designated raid time)
-Can download required addons
-1 geared alt for split runs
-Positive attitude and capable of having fun!

High Priority Recruitment Needs:


-Strong healer (Holy Paladin/Priest main w/Rsham or Rdruid alt)
-Shadow Priest
-Any dedicated player who can outperform our current core will be given an equal opportunity to trial (even if your class/spec isn’t listed as high priority).

Application Process:


Fill out the application on MistKT.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Take this application seriously, as we do think of this as a precursor to your raiding thoroughness. If you pass our initial screening, your application will be posted on the forum and you will be given an account to reply to questions. Make sure you add me to bnet so I can give you the information (bael#11617)

Battletags to reach out to:
Bael#11617 (Guild Master)
BigBird#11183 (Healing Officer)

Apply: http://mistkt.com/apply-to-mist/

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