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[Durotan][A] <Mercy> Mythic Raiders

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<Mercy> is a Mythic raiding guild on Durotan looking to rebuild its ranks! With the imminent invasion of the Legion the time is now! Below is listed the requirements and some insight on the guild. If you're just looking for a nice friendly guild to call home, all are welcome!


•Attendance 90%
•Hitting set goals (More info come Legion)
•Experience (Not required but preferred)
•Ability to grow with the team
•Ability to take criticism 
•Guild Member


* Currently we are recruiting internally from the guild, to apply to join go to

www.mercywow.gamerlaunch.com : remember, all are welcome!

* Mythic raiding is not for everyone. But that does not mean it's not worth a shot! We are willing to work with you if we see potential. Don't be a afraid, no failures here!

*Looking for a good amount of DPS at the moment as well as a handful of healers.

*High roles being most desired

Preferred Roles:

Range DPS:
High - Hunter
High - Mage
High - Warlock

Melee DPS:
High -Rogue
Medium - Death Knight

High - Resto Shaman
High - Holy Priest

Low - Paladin
Low - Warrior

*Tank roles at the moment will be on the back list.

*If your roll is not on the list, it does not mean we do not need you. We are always looking for great raiders.

From being one of the top guilds in early MoP clearing H HoF, H MSV and H Terrance (when heroic was end tier raiding) we have our eyes set at even greater heights come Legion. Our current group is beyond dedicated to fully clear current mythic content. We'd love you to join us in this new and exciting chapter!

Current Schedule (Subject to change)

•Tuesday 8PM-11PM
•Wednesday 8PM-11PM
•Thursday 8PM-11PM
•Monday 8PM-11PM

*With this schedule we were going for clearing up weekends for ourselves along with getting the most out of the raid reset times.

More Information

If you would like more information, contact any of the following. Thank you for your interest!

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