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100% Winrate Wild Deck to Legend

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Alright guys I made this very intense deck. I call this deck the 


*this is a wild deck by the way*

All your wishes come true with this deck 

so you'l need the following cards:

Mysterious Challenger


Else STarseeker 


Reno Jackson 

Brann Jackson

Forbidden Healing

Competitive spirit


Noble Sacrfice


Beckoner of Evil


Loot Hoarder 

Shielded Mini Bot

Wild Pyromancer

Acolyte of Pan

Aldor Peacekeeper

Disciple of C'thun 

Muster for Battle


C'Thun's Chosen

Keeper of Uldaman

Murloc Knight

Piloted Shredder

Truesilver Champion

Antique Healbot

Stampeding Kodo

Ivory Knoight

Tirion Fordring



That's it folks, enjoy the free win I have just given y'all.


If you have any suggestions, please let me know, but I highly doubt it

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If thinking of using this, please note a few things:

1) This decklist has no proof of legend, win-rate or even being played at any high level.

2) A 100% win-rate can be achieved by playing 1 game, winning it and then stating you have a 100% win rate.

3) There is no deck in the game that has a 100% win rate over a normal climb to legend. It's simply not going to happen. If there was, everyone would be playing it and then you can't have everyone with a 100% win rate, can you?

If you're looking for a wild Paladin deck to use, I would suggest checking out our decks section instead. We have deck guides, how to play the deck, how to mulligan and explain why the deck works.

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