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[H][US][Stormreaver] <Off the Wall>

We are currently recruiting for Legion. We're looking for competent players, pref w/ previous raiding experience. We are 5/13 M HFC. We have multiple mythic geared players looking forward to hitting Mythic+ and Mythic Raids asap. All of the officers have spent time in Alpha and Beta. We know what's about to hit and we are all really excited! We are currently recruiting DPS and Healz.

Current Setup: Tanks: Warrior / DemonHunter Heals: Druid(or Pally) / Monk(or Druid) / Priest(or Shaman) DPS: 2 War / 2 Mage / 1 DK / 2 DH / 1 Sham / 1 Lock / 1 Druid

The DPS we're currently lacking 1 of: Rogue / Hunter / SPriest / Monk / Pally(may be bad at the moment.)

Msg us @ or send me a tell in game: Saturn4301#1808

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