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Our team:

  • Website (one member's profile pic is NSFW so be warned)
  • Plays on Natherzim (US)
  • 10 members currently (most are re-subs since legion was announced)
  • Formed 3 weeks ago
  • Raiding at 9-12PM EST
  • Working on getting used to raid together- started last week 5/13N HFC
  • We will be flex raiding almost 100% of the time as some members may miss a week here and there, scheduling 15-20 people to show up so we end up with 10-15 come raid time.

Looking for 5-10 more people who have these characteristics:

  • Active (daily or every second day)
  • Social (our teamspeak / gchat is rarely empty and we like it that way)
  • Interested in progression raiding (not required)

  • Primarily looking for RDPS but all are welcome.

Please add Pixel#1251 or Whompus#1278.

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