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Hi guys,

Since the 7.0 and the new talent Deluge, I try to see who is in my rain, and who is not.

For this purpose, it would be veeeeery helpfull if vuhdo could show me who's in.

But the difficulty here is that healing rain don't apply a buff on the ally healed.

Is there an advanced user of vuhdo here that can help me? I struggle with it since few days. :(


Thank you !

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I don't think there is a way to do it with Vuhdo, as far as I know Vuhdo has no ability to read the combat log and that is the only way to do it if there is no buff.


You could make a WeakAura for it, I think. It would take some fiddling though.

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Well, that make sense :(

Weakaura would be great, but I suppose it would heavyly flood my interface if I show all the names which are in it.

I suppose I will have to git gud and see by myself who's in, unless someone have a good and practical way to show it.

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I don't think it's possible.

May I ask what's your reason to track HR because frankly I never thought that it's somehow useful?

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There are two principal reasons.

First, as I said earlier, the new talent "Deluge" buff your Chain Heal about 20% on the targets affected by HR. If a tank or a melee is not in my rain, I don't want to CH on him, and it can be difficult to see exactly what's happening in that messy mess between the legs of the boss.

Second, it can be usefull to see with precision who are the morrons who are avoiding my sweet sweet puddle. :)

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I see what you mean.

Well, I'm not really sure why tanks or melee wouldn't be in your HR range if you drop it centered on the boss. HR covers a 20 yards area, tanks and melee should be inside if only all their group doesn't have to suddenly move away from some ability right after you drop a HR. Pretty much the same for the ranged: if ranged are stacked, you see exactly where to drop the Rain, if they are spread, no reason to cast HR and waste mana. In addition, according to the tooltip, Deluge affects targets with Riptide too, and I believe both of the tanks will have it.

Regarding people that are not staying in HR/Mushrooms/any other healing ground AoE, just take it as granted. Players move in and out, avoid abilities, try to find better positioning, etc while continuing to do their work (dps). The last thing they are interested to track is whether they are staying in something healing. They just wouldn't and it's a fact. It's our work as healers to follow the raid's movement with our ground AoE and not the opposite as like raid should follow us.

Anyways, it's my personal opinion as a raid healer, so if you like to track this stuff, you welcome :)

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You are probably right.

To be honnest, this class/spec combo is pretty new for me, I will play it for the Legion's progress, but for now I only tested it in lfr format in order to test my interface, and I struggled with the melees who are running where they want like chikens who found swords, the ranged who seems to smell bad odours in the pack and are playing alone, etc...

Under these circumstances, it was pretty difficult to aim the rain with my wave.

But yeah, I believe you that this mess will be reduced with a guild group, and I hope I'll git gud on time for the progress !

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That's right - it will be much-much more organized in a guild group, can't even compare with LFR, people would mostly stay where they supposed to. 

I didn't understand though what did you mean by "difficult to aim the rain with my wave"?

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I meant that when I cast my healing wave on "Darkillidan", who was playing DH, and was not under Riptide, my beloved mate was not in my rain even if it was laid at the boss's foot, because he was looking for a pretty stone or something somewhere else. And so my wave found itself weaker :(

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52 minutes ago, Tekuan said:

I meant that when I cast my healing wave on "Darkillidan", who was playing DH, and was not under Riptide, my beloved mate was not in my rain even if it was laid at the boss's foot, because he was looking for a pretty stone or something somewhere else. And so my wave found itself weaker :(

Mmm, you mean a 'Chain Heal', don't you? Healing Wave doesn't interact with Riptide or Healing Rain.

If I may suggest something from my experience, don't try to min/max your Chain Heal with Healing Rain, better treat it as a bonus.

There are several reasons to it:

first, you have enough stuff which is a 'must' to track and/or use on CD: Tidal Waves buff, Healing Stream totem, Riptide.

Second, Deluge is not a default talent choice but a choice for a heavy stacked fights with a lot of serious damage going out, when spamming Chain Heals is somehow justified (actually I'm still not sure that it's a to-go talent even in this situation in Legion). Otherwise you choose Ancestral Guidance. Chain Heal spam is not a good choice on the start of the expansion - it burns mana very fast and Deluge talent has a zero advantage if you are not spamming CH. Don't forget that we will loose T18 bonus, legendary ring and mana saving trinkets, so pushing too many CHs will OoM you in about 3 minutes.

Third, we are talking about 20% addition to one spell which weight in the overall healing of a standard 6-7 min fight in the first Legion raid (according to Beta logs) is around 10%. I really would just leave it to be as is without min/maxing.

And forth, right now the generally agreed talent raid combo for Legion is CBT+AG+WS (HT for short and CH spamming fights). No Deluge :)

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Oops, yes I meant Chain Heal not Healing Wave sorry, don't know why I mingled the 2 :o

I'm totally agree with you for the talents choices, but the fact that I will not take it often don't mean that I can just spend no time trying to optimize it :)

If one fight or another I suddenly need this talent, and if my interface is not ready for it, i'm gonna have a bad time, would say my favourite ski instructor =D

Edited by Tekuan

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You could track it as a custom debuff at the moment (no doubt it'll be implemented as a buff properly at some point in the future).

VD Options >> Debuffs (down the bottom) >> Custom (right side) >> Enter Healing Rain as the name (must be typed exactly) and then ensure icon and timer are ticked beneath it (probably don't want animation, but feel free to test it out yourself), then click save just below there and you're done!

I had to move mine around a bit to where I liked, you can do this by going to the Visuals tab in the same menu on the right and mess around with the settings there. Hope it works for you!

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Hey ! Thanks for the answer :)

Sadly, it's not exactly what i'm looking for.

What I seek is to show who is in my rain, and the Debuff you configured just show the player how cast it (so here it's me).

There is no buff or debuff which show what I want to see, here is the difficulty :(

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You can do this in a weak aura, however, it'd be rather complicated and would break when patch 7.1 hits.  Essentially you would have to save the coordinates of where you placed your Healing Rain, then show/list players within the radius of it based on their coordinates.  However, like I said, you won't be able to do this forever, since with patch 7.1 Blizzard is removing the ability to track player location entirely, partly due to it "breaking" a number of fights, namely Kromog, Kormrok, and Archimonde.

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Yes I saw that recently, I hope one day they'll add a warning which show what I want to see.

For now, with the restrictions of Vudho itself, and the futur changes of the 7.1, it seems pretty impossible to do what I want...

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      Class (e.g. Better) Number of cards ( I = one card, IIIII = 5 cards) (Best / Worse cards you can get) [chance of getting something aweful in %] - total number
      0-Mana: nothing
      1-Mana (HP-Totems, Murloc-Tokens, Fire Fly, Patches the Pirate, Bloodsail Corsair) →
      Bomb IIIII II (e.g. Millhouse Manastorm, Cornered Sentry) - 7
      Mediocre IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII I - 21
      Bad IIIII IIIII I - 11
      Awful III (e.g. Doomsayer) [3,45%] - 3
      Charge: 1 (1,2% chance)
      Taunt: 7 (8,1% chance)
      2-Mana (Flametongue Totem, Primalfin Totem) (3/3 vanilla is mediocre) →
      Bomb IIIII III (e.g. Injured Blademaster, Shaku, the Collector) - 8
      Awful III (e.g. Unlicensed Apothecary) [2,88%] - 3
      Charge: 1 (0,96% chance)
      Taunt: 10 (9,6% chance)
      3-Mana (Mana Tide Totem, Stonehill Defender) (4/4 vanilla is mediocre)→
      Bomb IIII (e.g.Flamewreathed Faceless, Twilight Summoner) - 4
      Awful I (Faceless Shambler) [1,11%] - 1
      Charge: 2 (2,2% chance)
      Taunt: 10 (11,2% chance)
      4-Mana (Jinyu Waterspeaker) (5/5 or 5/4 or 4/5 vanilla is mediocre)→
      Bomb IIIII I (e.g. Earth Elemental, Grimestreet Enforcer) - 6
      Better IIIII IIIII IIIII III - 18
      Awful IIIII (e.g. Abomination, Bomb Squad) [6,94%] - 5
      Charge: 2 (2,8% chance) (Doomguard and Leeroy Jenkins)
      Taunt: 11 (15,3% chance)
      5-Mana (Doppelgangster) (5/5 vanilla is mediocre)→
      Bomb IIIII (e.g. Kabal Trafficker) - 5
      Better IIIII IIIII IIIII II - 17
      Mediocre IIIII IIIII IIIII IIII - 19
      Bad IIIII IIIII - 10
      Awful III (e.g. Big-Time Racketeer) [5,55%] - 3
      Charge: 2 (3,7% chance)
      Taunt: 9 + Hogger (16,7% chance)
      6-Mana (Thing from Below) (6/6 vanilla is mediocre)→
      Bomb I (Swamp King Dred) - 1
      Better IIIII IIIII II - 12
      Mediocre IIIII I - 6
      Bad IIIII IIIII I -11
      Awful I (Baron Geddon) [3,22%] - 1
      Charge: 0 (0% chance)
      Taunt: 4 (12,9% chance)
      It seems that you can get a lot of good stuff (mainly 2/3s and 3/2s) from evolving 1-Mana-minions like your totems and Primalfin-Murlocs. The danger of getting Doomsayer seems pretty low (1,3%).
      Evolving 2-Mana-Minions seems pretty good too. You get a decent chance of getting real big bombs and high-value-cards, but there is also some pretty bad stuff. Also you have to evolve your valuable totems (these are your 2-Mana-Minions most of the time).
      Evolving 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-Mana-minions are pretty much 50/50. They got a lot of awesome stuff, but also some pretty bad results.
      Especially the 5-Mana Evolve is important, since you will often get three 6-drops from one 5-drop (Doppelgangster), so getting a bunch of 4/5s is still awesome.
      Jades will probably turn into something similar or worse most of the time.