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[Stormrage][A] <Rockjaw> Recruiting for Legion

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Rockjaw is a newly formed guild composed of friends who have played together since BC / Wrath. We are looking to fill ranks with those interested in Mythic+ dungeons and Mythic raiding content. While Rockjaw isn't a hardcore guild we aren't interested in wasting the 6 hours a week we have for raiding either. The end goal is to form a laid back semi-hardcore raiding atmosphere that pushes to clear content while still realizing it's a game and has fun.

Rockjaw will be using a rotational loot council for our loot system. It will be composed of 2 officers as well as one person from our Raider rank. What this means is every raider at some point will get to see and be a part of our loot council and offer their advice and feedback on top of getting to see how it runs overall. Loot Council will also be used through the addon RcLootCouncil. You can check our guild website for more information such as loot factors and etc or PM me in-game or through battle.net, both posted below.

Rockjaw raids two days a week on Tuesday and Wednesday @ 12am EST - 3am EST

For the most part being a newly formed guild we have open recruitment. Currently needing:
Tanks - Closed
Healers - High (Low for Resto Druid, will consider one more)
Melee DPS - Medium (Low in terms of warriors and ret paladins)
Ranged DPS - High (Non Balance Druid)

Being a newly formed guild we have no history, so a little about the core who started Rockjaw. As previously stated, Rockjaw is formed by a group of friends who met up through BC and Wrath expansions and been playing together since. A few of us started back in Vanilla the rest started in BC. Each of us has past raid experiences including Heroic Mode since it was introduced. Funny enough right before Warlords of Draenor almost all of us ended up taking a break due to our own real life issues but are now back and hyped for legion!

If you are interested feel free to visit our website, read our guild faq that covers our rules and loot system or post me in-game or through battle.net tag and I will gladly answer any question.

Rockjaw Guild Website (will have our own domain to remove the enjin soon): http://rockjaw.enjin.com/home

Battle.net Tag: Rafiki#1922

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