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Welcome To Paradox Rising on Silvermoon EU .
Paradox Rising has played many Online Games together such as DayZ, Rust, H1Z1,Tom Clancys-The Division and many more but now we have brought the Guild back to World Of Warcraft ready for the new expantion Legion .
Paradox Rising was once known as Dark Omen back in The Burning Crusade and onwards*, we gained 5th ranked Guild on our server which we are very happy with. Since then we have moved on to other games as mentioned above and had a few different Guild names the most recent being Paradox Rising.
Paradox Rising is made up of some close friends who all enjoy a great laugh and the company of one another.
We welcome new and old members into the Guild and are not really bothered about how much gear you have or how much experiance you have. We all started in the same place right?.
Many of our members have young families and work commitments so we are all to aware of things that may arise because of this.
The guild is led by 3 of its members , these being Aeon , Beargrillz and Beelzeboobz.
We are looking for active players who can raid 2-3 times a week in Legion. We are not a hard core guild but we do take our raids seriously!
Silvermoon EU Alliance
all information required is on our website at
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