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Loot Train Horde 13/13M exp LF Range dps

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[H] <Loot Train> is a newly formed guild of returning veterans with a lot of top 50 US experience looking to re-start progression raiding in Legion.
RaidLeader Uproot 13/13M
Raid Assistance Nando 13/13M US top 10 Experience 
GM Clx
Officer Vayyn 

We are currently focused on quickly establishing a heroic clearing team so that we can move on to mythic raids in Legion. We have all tanking healing and melee DPS roles filled and just need to plug in some great ranged DPS. We are looking for exceptional players with progression raiding experience who know their class and min max there chars.

We raid 2 nights per week and our goal is to progress and clear as much as possible with the time we are allowed. We have high standards and while we understand we are not a world-first pushing guild and while we will work with someone to make them better we do expect strong performance and productivity. We expect you to come prepared for raid being properly informed and knowledgeable of what is to come.

Our raid schedule is:
Tuesday 9-1am EST
Thursday 9-1am EST
Monday 8-1am EST (optional alt/carry runs)

Current recruiting needs: (exceptional applicants will always be considered)

Hunter (2)
And any exceptional raider 

1 Disc priest
And any exceptional Healer

Tank Backup or for situational fights

If you feel like you would be a good fit with our group, please feel free to submit an application at LTguild.com or contact us via bnet nando007#1774 clx#1383 or vayn#1325.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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