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Could you please update the look and feel of the Navigation bar for WoW? It is showing 4 expansion's content, maybe categorize it per expansion to make space for the Legion content? 

Each raid instance title links to it's overview page.

Warlords of Draenor:

World Bosses
Blackrock Foundry
Hellfire Citadel

Older Expansions:
Pandaria (World Bosses, MV, HoF, ToES, ToT, SoO)
Cataclysm (...)
WotlK (...)
BC (...)
Vanilla (...)


Maybe do the same with Quest / Reputation Section as well.

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    • By NightStrx
      I noticed that under the menu that opens, if you select an item in the main menu has a gap relative to the main menu in 1 px.

      You can fix this if you set `top` property of the css class nav.minified to 49px.
      PS sorry for my english, it is all the google translate, thx.
    • By Raxsyn
      Your menu system is not working with the new site. I use to be able to click the WoW icon then get the sub menuing system below it to access all the content. I can not do that now, once I click the WoW icon all I get is lots of adds and no menu. I tried all options on the screen and nothing that produces a menu. I have to search to get to anything on the site. Your quality control is poor, you should have never released this without testing it first. If I can not get a menu then I doubt I will be back since I can not navigate your site. I am sure it is bugged and there, but after plenty of feedback the problem still persists.
      Rock on!
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