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Menus are Jacked UP

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Your menu system is not working with the new site. I use to be able to click the WoW icon then get the sub menuing system below it to access all the content. I can not do that now, once I click the WoW icon all I get is lots of adds and no menu. I tried all options on the screen and nothing that produces a menu. I have to search to get to anything on the site. Your quality control is poor, you should have never released this without testing it first. If I can not get a menu then I doubt I will be back since I can not navigate your site. I am sure it is bugged and there, but after plenty of feedback the problem still persists.


Rock on!

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Hey there! Is there any chance you could take a screenshot of the menu issue for me? The site does seem to work for the majority of our users - we've only had a few reported incidents and they have been resolved fairly swiftly. If you can give me as much information as possible on your OS, browser etc., along with the screenshot, we can work to fix it ASAP.

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I sure would, however it is all working now. I can see the menus just fine using Chrome. If it acts up again I will take the screenshot and post it. 


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      I noticed that under the menu that opens, if you select an item in the main menu has a gap relative to the main menu in 1 px.

      You can fix this if you set `top` property of the css class nav.minified to 49px.
      PS sorry for my english, it is all the google translate, thx.
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      is 561 a good itemlvl to change again or does frost scale as well as arcane?
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