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[Khaz Modan][A]<Sunder> Old guild looking for new blood for mythic group!

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About us:  <Sunder> is an established guild that has existed since game launch. For many years <Sunder> led its server in progression and was regionally competitive - then came careers and the kids. Legion has re-energized us to go after content hard again, this time on a more limited schedule. But even on a two day schedule, our raiders have exceptional high level gaming resumes both in WoW and out and we expect to progress through content at a solid pace. If you’re a mature-in-attitude individual who enjoys raiding to your max potential on a limited schedule in a friendly but focused semi-hardcore environment, we invite you to speak with one of our raid leaders. We begin raiding September 20.

Notes: We require punctuality, use of some mods, voice coms, respect of the dkp system, positive attitude, ability to accept criticism & grow, & preparation. In return you can expect supportive and driven raid leadership and a drama free guild environment to enjoy your free time with.

Raid times: Sunday and Wednesday, 8:30-11:30 PM EST

Current recruiting needs:


RDPS - Mage;

Healer - Holy priest, Holy paladin, or resto druid

Med: MDPS - feral druid, ww monk, or deathknight

  RDPS shadow priest or balance druid

Qualified, interested candidates of other classes/specs should still feel free to contact us - ‘cuz things change.

Contact:  Website application down at this time. Please contact Riveryn in game - battletagID  Rylle#1168

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