[Emerald Dream][A] <Rattlesnake Ratatamba LF Core Raiders and Rated PVPers

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Hello strangers and friends!

<Rattlesnake Ratatamba> has come back from the disappointment that was WoD to jump back where we left off! Current tier progression and rated pvp is our game. The old faces are back like Movie, Ralith, and Duck ready to tackle this new expansion!

Who are we looking for?

General Admission is always open!

Raid: We are currently looking for healers and all dps

Rated PVP: we are currently looking for any to start the team!

Who to get in touch with?

Whisper Ralith (Ralith#1936 Co-Raid officer) or Caution Kampfe#1647 (Movie, GM).

What is a Rattlesnake let alone a Ratatamba?

We made the guild during MoP when a group of friends didn't want to be part of a giant guild that specialized in only one aspect of the game. So Rattlesnake Ratatamba was made, old hands at the game with experience in all aspects of the game created a casual/semi-hardcore guild for pvp and raiding to not only do current content but enjoy each others company and have a good time while playing as well!

Raid Times

Tuesday and Wednesday 11PM - 2AM EST

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