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[Bleeding-Hollow][H] <Unlikely Legends> recruiting for Mythic Raiding!

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Hello all!

Unlikely Legends is a guild reforming from Cata where we were on pace for US 200. We are reforming with ~8 members and looking to round out our roster for Legion. We are on Bleeding-Hollow Horde. 

Raid times:
Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:30-11:(00-30) EST

We hope to be US 200 or even US 100! That is our goal and we will work towards that! In Unlikely Legends, we understand that success comes from hard work, support from the guild and a productive and healthy environment. It is now known that "skill" and "intelligence" mean almost nothing for good raiding! Therefore we look for people who have the drive to be awesome and progress! We even accept trying out those who haven't had the opportunity to try raiding at a high level.

We are willing to work with people to improve and reach the levels required for our goals. We know people won't be a superstar from the beginning. While we are willing to work with everyone and improve, we do not want to halt the progression of the overall group if certain individuals are still continuing to struggle.

What we expect from you:

-Positive and competitive attitude
-Desire for top end progression
-Willing to work to fix the mistakes and troubles you have in raids/mythics 
-Absolutely no drama is tolerated in the guild; we strive to keep a healthy environment, the first warning is the final warning!

What you can expect from us:

-Strong push for progression
-Fun environment but serious when required
-Helpful in case you are struggling with anything
-Nice tight group of players

Currently in specific need of:

Resto shaman
MM hunter

And we are always open to any recruits as long as they fit the requirements outlined above!

Please contact Irugard#1714 for a chat or more info

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