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[US-StormRage][A]<Opponent> 10/13H - Multiple Heroic raid teams

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We are the realm's largest meta guild located on Stormrage-US PVE realm. Our meta guild currently consists of the guilds Opponent, Opponent II, & Horde Side of Opponent.Opponent is a high progression raid guild and Opponent II is a casual / social / leveling guild. Our 3rd guild, Horde Side of Opponent is our newest guild and it is Horde!

We have multiple raid teams with various raid times and raid styles (semi hardcore and hardcore) focusing on end game content raiding. Considering all our raid schedules are very light, we expect our raid team members to maintain 100% attendance, be at the instance 15 minutes before raid and have studied boss encounters.

We expect our members to be professional and get the job done, and open to constructive criticism. We put skill, awareness and class understanding ahead of gear, however we do expect you to be gemmed / enchanted and forged correctly. We will gear you if required. We are mainly made up of 25+ year old mature aged players who have been playing wow for a long time. We have a good mix of males and females in the guild.

When do we raid and what are we looking for?

Determination is a new casual 10 man raid team. This team will do flex raids in 5.4 in addition to some older content. Raid schedule is Saturday and Sunday 9pm-12am EST.

  • Raid Leader
  • DPS

Taunt The Aussie is a new hardcore 10 Man team. The raid leader is Suundii. This team raids Tu, Wed, Th 10pm-1am EST.

  • Disc / Holy Priest
  • Resto Druid
  • Warlock
  • Blood dk
All exceptional Raiders are encouraged to apply, as this is a new team and some members may not work out. Feel free to contact Suundii, Xarbarlah or Poedapanda in game with any questions.

We are forming a horde raid team in our horde guild <Horde Side of Opponent>. This is a semi hardcore end game raid team.

This team will raid Fri and Sat 8-11:30pm. This team's raid leader will be Nielmally (currently alliance toon) and is recruiting:

  • Holy Paladinor Resto Druid
If you are interested in this team, feel free to contact Nielmally or Avelade. Both toons are alliance. Also feel free to complete a horde application above!

Team Triple Dragon is a hardcore 10 man team. 6/13 HM ToT. The raid leader isDjmonknix/Djdeathnix (djphoenix#1202). The raid schedule is Tu-Th 7-11 EST. This team has team specific rules that vary slightly from the guild rules: you can view them here.

Very high need for the following classes:

  • Very High Need for Restoration Shamans
  • Very High Need for Restoration Druids
  • Very High Need for Holy Paladins
  • Very High Need for Mistweaver Monks
We are always recruiting all exceptional raiders.

Red Tape is a semi hardcore 10 man team. 12/12 ToT The raid leader is Foulsmell and raids Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 7-10 EST with an optional cleanup day Monday and is currently recruiting. Please check our progress to make sure you have similar experience.

  • Holy Paladin
  • Disc Priest or Resto / Ele Shaman
  • Exceptional Dps will be considered
Applicants to this team must be ilvl 500+ and have plenty of xp in TOT as this team is moving into heroics.

Cupcake Mercenaries is a semi hardcore 10 man raid team that is 12/12 ToT. The raid leader is Roxos. They raid Tu-Th 10pm-1am EST with optional Mon.

Always recruiting all classes for bench positions.

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Bump. We're now 8/13H as a guild (split between two groups, but the main group will most likely be 8/13H by the end of this week.)

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