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[Bleeding Hollow][A]<Whispers>Casual Legion Raiding

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Miss the old Guilds that felt like home? Enjoy the social banter? Want to raid but never really get the chance for one reason or another?<Whispers> is a casual guild, recruiting all classes and all lvls. Bleeding hollow veterans from the ICC Days!

Technically we are casual... 

Back in WOTLK <Whispers> took a small group of extraordinary players that had real lives and were seldom able to raid end game progression. We built a place where everyone was at home and flexible enough to work with and understand the number 1 rule... "Real life matters!"

We miss the family environment... and we truly believe that everyone is looking for the same thing in a guild! It's just difficult to come by with the modern day LFG/LFR game-play. 

Back from nearly a 6 -year hiatus, we are looking for real people that enjoy all aspects of the game! Not just the "go-go-goers," that have become the norm! 

If our schedule doesn't fit what you are looking for, please feel free to come in chat a bit and hang out until you find something more up your alley! 

In time we will have enough players online from all walks of life and time schedules so you never feel alone! 

Be your interests PVP in a 2V2, BGs, Questing your altoholic, or Raiding with a RL that understand that "Wipes do happen," we are here for you! 

We only have two primary rules: 

1) Real life matters! (The most important, we will never hold it against you if something comes up!)

2) Do unto others... (This should go without being said! treat everyone with respect and the favor will be returned!) 


1. Times available & time zone: 

Currently server time on Bleeding Hallow! We are East Coast and work the normal day shift. Generally the Guild leader is online anywhere between 5PM-12AM Mon-Fri, weekends are normally avail all day based upon errands and what not. In time we hope to span this range to fit everyone's availability.

2. Server preference: Bleeding Hollow 
3. Faction preference: Alliance
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual-> Semi-hardcore (in time) 
5. Current progression/experience: Raided ICC up until the LK way back when... Just now getting back with Legion! 

6. Recent logs (if available): Call me a N00B... but i'm not sure about this one lol. 
7. Contact info: Send me a tell in game, or an in game email on the posting toon! 
8. Anything else: We really are here for you... all we ask is that you return the favor!

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The last two weeks have been pretty successful leveling through the new content and grouping with some really cool friends, We have been really excited to see some of our original players from WOTLK return to our ranks, as well as the many new additions that we have gathered. 


Looking to hear from many more in the coming weeks! 

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