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[A] Moskau - Crossrealm Heroic Raiding

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Hello friends,

"Moskau" is, what I'm going to call, a Cross Realm Content Community, or CRCC if you like acronyms. We're a group of, what I'm going to call, "heroic-casual" players, or players that have the capability of playing to a high level of skill and have a strong understanding of the game and its mechanics, but don't want to invest large amounts of time into Mythic raiding, or make the time commitments to a guild raid schedule.

Perhaps you're like me, with a maxed character list on a backwater server with a rather dead raiding community. Or maybe you've been relying on pug raids to slog your way through content at your own pace. Or maybe you just want a place to reliably raid on an alt.

Moskau will be organized out-of-game through (currently) a Discord server, which will functionally operate similarly to a guild chat and roster system and allow us to easily form parties cross-server.

Our target content will be Mythic+ Dungeons and Heroic-difficulty raids, with a scheduled raid on Friday nights, 8PM until ~Midnight EST. Mythic dungeons can be organized freely at any time. Again, we're pretty low-commitment. The only thing we'll require is that you have a designated "main" character be unsaved to raid content if you plan on attending our Friday night event.

Current Needs:

Tanks - Low

Healers - Medium

Melee - Medium

Ranged - High

If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to contact me through the following:

battle.net - Steve#13761

discord - Ligfyr#4763

reddit - /u/Ligfyr

or join our discord server at - https://discord.gg/rFdbEzu

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