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[Mal'Ganis][H] <Bloodbaths and Beyond> (1/13M) LF Healer + Dps

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Hello potential recruits and welcome!
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are trying to fill in the last few spots for the core of the Mythic group.  Bloodbaths and Beyond has been going through a reconstruction after dealing with a large number of carries, and a few people leaving post xpac start.  With that said, yes, we are still raiding and looking to fill the last few spots to get back into Mythic.
Most of the core group has been together for over a year, and other members have been raiding together for 3+ years, along with the gm and raid leader. We are a semi hard core group that is doing a 2 day raid week, on Tues/Thurs 8-12 EST.  12 am is not a hard cut time.  If we are pushing close on a progression boss, we will stay for a few pulls to try and get it.  Our group has a progression mindset so everyone has to carry their own weight to try and not hold 20+ people back.
If this sounds interesting enough to you/you want more info, please add me.  My tag is Key#12360.
List of what we are looking for (Even if it’s not on the list, we will take it into consideration!):

* Any DPS on the Vanq Token (Boomkin pref, Mage/DK Works)

* Hunter (NOT SURVIVAL!)

* Ret Pally

* Resto Shaman

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