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Howdy all! I'm a long time player of World of Warcraft. Took a break shortly before Cataclysm was released due to my guild falling apart then some real
life stuff happening. And I have finally come back. I have always played a tank and will continue to do so. Was a warrior from vanilla to WoTLK but now
that I'm back I just can't help myself made a Demon Hunter and I'm loving it. Vengeance calls to my soul like butter on a biscuit. Like salt on your

Anyways, I was the main tank for the top horde guild on my server back in the day securing every server first during WoTLK (Might of Kalimdor on Exodar). I'm looking for a raiding
guild that is serious. Some people take volleyball serious, some people take their art serious. I take my gaming serious. I research my class like I
research my ganj strains. However, unfortunately my schedule is absolutely horrid for 90% of guilds out there. I work mid-day/nights. So I'm only
available to raid in the morning. I have to be done by 2 server time. Life of the chef man. Feels bad. Send me a tell on Bahntier and let me prove to
you that gangster tanks still exist.

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