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I've not unlocked all 8 Champions in the Class Hall, but don't know which ones to keep active. Any suggestions for which 5 are the best to keep readily active?

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For Warrior, I'd suggest:

  • Finna
  • Dvalen
  • Hymdall
  • Ymiron
  • Ragnvald

This gives you 3 counters to Spell, 1 to Hazard and 1 to Minion. Finna also gives a buff on Hazard mission, despite countering Spell. Ymiron has a very useful buff too.

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There's a resource on Reddit that has the suggestion for every class, including Warrior. While it does match the 5 that Blainie listed, here is the chart for reference:


You can find the Reddit post by clicking here.

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Thanks for posting that Saja, probably a lot more useful seeing all the traits/counters laid out than just me giving names.

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