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WolfDrake is a progress-minded 2-days/week raiding Guild situated on Silvermoon, the largest PvE realm among EU servers.

Our main goal is to tackle and clear current highest difficulty content as it's released. To do so, we aim to build a team centered around this idea and comprised of individuals who share our goal and passion for raiding, but cannot necessarily afford to spare more evenings to do so.

We are looking for players who know their class inside and out, who aren't afraid to research both their role and the demands of the challenges we're facing; Players who always come prepared and who appreciate that the time we have to progress is limited, and therefore precious to every member of the raid team.


Raid times:
Friday 21h - 00h Server Time
Sunday 21h - 00h Server Time

Ranged DPS, preferably 1-2 Mages, Hunter, Warlock.
However, all outstanding applications will be given due consideration.

If this suits your raiding affinity and you feel that you're a right fit for our team, head on over to our Website and fill out an Application form. Further information about the guild, including the guild rules, can also be found on the Guild website.

Contact info:

You can reach us on the website

Battlenet :

Riljrak - Riljrak#21543

Warrgulf - Gatsu#2954

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7/7 Heroic and recruiting for Mythic.

Currently mostly looking for:

Holy Paladin or healing Priest (either spec).

Mage, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Rogue, Dps DK.

However, all applications will be considered.

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