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With a decade long history Sorted Gaming has made their presence felt in a multitude of gaming arenas. 
Comprised of a community from around the world, each member sharing the Sorted vision of a place to game with like-minded individuals, who are fun loving but also know when to buckle down and take things seriously.
From the war zones of Azeroth, Nexus and Tyria to the torn streets of Cobblestone and the fast paced action of Operation Outbreak, we've seen it all and are backing up our members on all fronts. Be it on the ground or in the air or even to deep space.
So if you share our passion for gaming and are looking for a home we've got your back.


Sorted's newly formed EU guild is recruiting raiders to take on the Legion.
We are a South African based community with a long guild history on the NA servers.

We are currently looking for 



Shadow Priest
Balance Druid

Raid Times

Wen 19:00 - 23:00 Server time
Sun 19:00 - 23:00

For more information please contact Vale#2114 or visit to apply.

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We are 5/7 on Normal for week 1.

Updated post we currently are recruiting healers and R DPS.

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