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<Horrors of Leng> is currently seeking members to join our guild here on US Stormrage. We are looking for active members and those who wish to raid in Legion, but we will accept social members . 

A little about us:

We are progression raiders who moved to a new server for a new start. We are looking for raid members we can rely on for our  main group. We have to rely on each other to get through the raids, we are only as strong as each other.

Though we are seeking raiders, anyone is welcome to join. All we ask for is maturity and respect among our raiders and guildmates. 

No matter your level, class or gear, everyone is welcome to join us. We offer help for new and seasoned players alike. If you need anything, there will always be someone to help you. Just don’t be a beggar. That is one thing that is not tolerated in the guild.

Main Raiding Team days:

 We have our raid days Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9pm-11pm CST.  We also use Discord for our voice and Raidcall as a back up!
I would like my raiders to be on Stormrage. No exceptions will be made!

1 Healer

1 Ranged DPS

3 Melee

Please also be willing to role change if needed. We are accepting people who wouldn't mind being back up, with the chance of another raid group on the way :)

What we have to offer you as a member: 
- 5 Bank tabs 

- Raiding options (Possible second Group)

- Helpful GM and Officers

- Friendly, helpful members

For any questions or invite, message Alayler or you can add me (UnicornMuffn#1424)

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