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Celestial Blessings

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I tried it several times. But at my best try he has 22% HP. I think that its very gear dependent fight. (I had about 510 ilvl or around.) If u havea good gear (~530 ilvl) you can "nuke" it.

So my tactics what i try, hit him from back and kite/kill adds. You would have to keep your 3 orb DP when he jump to you and cast the frontal cone aoe spell you can move him back. But i can't keep 3 orb DP all the time because I can't kill the adds fast enough. The instant MB can be good.

Dealing with the adds with "low" gear not a simple task. I use spell_shadow_psychicscream.jpgPsychic Scream with Glyph of Psychic Scream and spell_priest_voidtendrils.jpgVoid Tendrils to immobilies them. When they under the Void Tendrils start to kill the Tendrils. I try an other talent spell_priest_psyfiend.jpgPsyfiend but i cant use it well.

The other talent which i prefer while i try to kill: ability_priest_angelicbulwark.jpgAngelic Bulwark , spell_holy_symbolofhope.jpgBody and Soul, ability_priest_halo.jpgHalo and spell_priest_burningwill.jpgDivine Insight

An other good thing to switch the Angelic Bulwark to spell_priest_spectralguise.jpgSpectral Guise .

Thats it what i try , and think.

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Done both priest challenges last night.

Had Angelic Feathers spread on both extremities of the room in order to be able to outrun the adds. Getting close, Tendrils does the trick, then combined with either a Halo or Cascade if you want to have a hit on Wrathion as well. DoT them up as much as possible, Mind Sear whenever time allows it. Remember to at least keep dots rolling on wrathion. It might take a while to complete, but it works.

For the healing challenge, things went A LOT smoother. Due to the encounter buff, just cast 4-5 Greater Heals on Wrathion, then finish off with a holy fire on his daddy for quite a massive hit. Ofc use PW:S, Renew, BH, everything. Adds that spawn have around 20k HP, so I just saved Cascade for that moment, it 1shotted them. PW:S + Body and Soul to have the mobility to intercept the projectiles from the 4 adds when Wrathion is incapacitated. Try to stay on top of him as much as possible and just sidestep for a bit in the direction from which the projectiles are coming from.

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