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[Player] [H] <Heals> (0/0) Shadow Priest

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Im a returning player to WoW. I played vanilla up until the launch of Cataclysm. My guild cleared every raid in Vanilla and BC both Heroic and Normal. I was our Warlock class leader. I briefly returned fro WotLK and did some normal Kara and Arthas citadel (cant remember the name, sorry). Now a lot of time has passed and a lot of stuff has changed so im not even trying to act like i know anything anymore about this game. I want to believe that im a fairly decent player though. 


Im leveling a Shadow Priest now. Playing on Malfurion-EU. Id really like to join an adult guild, progress is important but  a chill atmoshpere and no drama is much more important to me.


something about me:


Im a 35 y/o dude from Switzerland. I speak fluently english, my native language being german. I like to help other people and am generally a nice guy but im not taking any drama related shits from people. Just dont be a dick and were fine.


battle.net ID: Nuclear7ofu2358

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