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[Malorne][H] Wicked is recruiting

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Wicked strives to be a community guild (18+) that offers a guild raid team for players of any preferred level of play intensity. We are on a PVP server, Horde, mostly balanced factions. An online questionnaire is required at <a> http://wicked.gamerlaunch.com/</a> for all interested players, regardless of play style. We will contact you through a battle tag friend request.   We invite based upon personality fit, then use logs to evaluate and determine which team is appropriate for the new member. If filling a specific position, we will require logs and participation in a guild raid before granting a raid spot. You can also contact one of our recruitment officers, Thralagorm#1742 or mattdanger#1272 or our Guild Master Nezkel#1822 for more information.

Our Guild Priorities

1. We seek to only have members that are considerate and respectful of our exceptionally diverse membership. We expect you to act online the same way you would if you met new people at a friend's house.

2. Respect and offer activities for all members, regardless of their preferred style of play. We do not permit members to act as if an individual's values in any way dependent upon their performance in game.

3. We maintain long-term community bonds. We never kick due to inactivity.

4. We seek to protect and preserve the culture that has allowed us to be stable, consistently active and raiding since Burning Crusade. To do this our GM is advised by a mix of elected and appointed officers.

5. We seek to maintain a culture of open communication, where every member has a voice in guild decisions and all of these processes are transparent.

The Teams and What We Need[/b]


Semi-hardcore Normal/Heroic Progression Raid Team

M/T/W 9:15 pm-12:00 am EST

Looking For: Exceptional players of all roles. 

This team is a friendly, yet focused environment where experience is not as importance as self-awareness about areas to improve in and the willingness to research fights, your class, and receive constructive feedback.


Hardcore Mythic progression team

T/W/R 10:00 pm-1:00 am

This team has performance standards that require each player to maintain high performance, self-assessment for improvement, and reliability.  All players are required to maintain a raid-ready off spec and be proficient at its play.  Players may be asked to sit fight-to-fight to maximize progression.  Loot will be prioritized to where it will most help the team during early progression, with more even distribution when bosses are on farm.  Logs are reviewed nightly, performance feedback is given weekly.


]If your performance is not consistently advantageous to the group, after being given encouragement and a short time to improve, if you do not, another player will be given the permanent spot.


Saturday night Raiders

 9:00 pm-1:00 am EST

Looking For: Players and Alts who are unable to raid during the week because of work and family obligations.   A friendly, yet focused environment.  Experience is not as importance as self-awareness about areas to improve in and the willingness to research fights, your class, and receive constructive feedback. \


Social Levelers and Community Members

Anyone who applies online and demonstrates they are a good fit with our guild's approach and outlook via a short Vent/Mumble interview is welcome to join us, either as a transfer or with a new character on Malorne.

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We are looking to fill our second team and trial for our Mythic team. Join us and have a Wicked good time playing the game that we all love!

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