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840 vs 845 relic

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Was wondering if using a 840 pyro relic over a 845 fireball damage is better for overall dps

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I think this is depending on your crit-chance. If you got a high chance (45%+) the pyro relic is definitely better, but if you're forced to use fireball a lot it could be a viable choice to take the 845er relic.

In general it was itemlevel > trait and just think about the trait if, you got 2 relics with the same itemlevel, I believe.

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Thank you for the reply my current crit chanc is 56% not sure what is factoring in critical mass, i also already have two other 845 pyro relics in the weapon i use pyromaniac and kindling. I decided to replace the 845 fireball relic with the 840 pyroblast one.

After looking over recount on multiple boss fights fireball was contributing about the same amount of damage as the devilsaur shock baton trinket around 8-10% of my total damage per fight were pyroblast is doing 40%+.

This could simply be because the boss fights last such a short time in 5 mans obviously, I will know for if i made the right choice if the small loss of intellect was worth the 2% pyroblast damage over a longer fight when the raid is released on tuesday 


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    • By greenieSr
      Ok so let me start out by saying my weapon is lvl 885(fire artifact) and has the following relics equipped: 

      Fires of Heaven 855 +10% Pyro (Fire)
      Raven's sight 865 +20% FS (Arcane)
      Fires of Heaven 845 +10% Pyro (Fire)
      (I know it doesnt add 10% each)

      i have in my bag i have:

      Seawitch's Foci 840 +12% Ignite (Arcane)
      Sizziling Fang 875 +12% Ignite (Fire)
      Soulforge Ember 835+12% Ignite (Fire)
      Molten Giant's Eye 860+3% Fire crit (Fire)
      Fires of Heaven 840 +10% Pyro (Fire)

      Ok last time i took out an Ignite relic i lost 40-50k dps. I put in the 855 Fires of Heaven relic and just did not stack up even though it was a 10ilvl increase. So my question is should i go tripple Ignite? or maybe double ignite with the crit relic too. I care a lot more about mythic + dps more than raid so keep that in mind. it doesnt seem like the pyro one is very good compared to ignite. Also if anyone can offer an explanation as to why i lost so much dps by switching in the supposedly best relic (pyro) that would be great. My best guess is that i was on some kind of soft cap with mastery and that it did a lot more dps but idk

      I think the best two options are running three ignite for insane cleave damage in mythic plus or, Sizziling Flame, Molten Giant, and Seawitch.
    • By NasharStormrage
      Here on Icy Vein's under the Arms Warrior DPS guide here is the recommended relic choice. I was under the impression that [Exploit the Weakness] was our top priority even if it meant 20-25iLvl difference. Since it would increase the proc chance by a factor of x2 with all three relics increasing Tacticians...
      Why does this guide on Icy Veins say otherwise? Is it because the information is out of date and hasn't been updated?
      (Original Link:

      Unfortunately this is not someting I can just run a Sim on because I don't currently have any [Exploit the Weakness] relics.
    • By Demonicka
      Which is better an 865 relic with Firestorm: or an 865 relic with Earthen Attunement:
    • By Feelpain
      I am in need of help. My Doomhammer is currently on 887 itemlevel. From this weeks world boss I got 860 ilvl "Calamir's Jaw" which gives "Each target hit by crash lightning increases damage dealt by my next stormstrike by 2%. (which is semi ok).
      BUT my current one is a 850 ilvl "Torch of shaladrassil" with 10% increased attack speed when stormstrike proccs.
      So the question is, do I switch to the 860 ilvl one? It boosts doomhammer from 887 to 890. BUT i loose 10% attack speed. goes from 40% to 30%. Is it worth it? I feel stormstrike proccs alot and the attackspeed is very useful.

    • By Aalwein
      I know it's best to just equip the highest level relic in each slot regardless of the trait attached, but I'm wondering if I have a stray case in that this may not be true.
      I currently have an i835 relic with Jaws of Thunder on it (bumping it to level 4). I caught an i840 relic for the same slot but it only has Wilderness Expert on it, which would bump it to level 1 (giving me a single second longer on Aspect of the Wild). Is the 5 ilvl increase still worth it in this case?