[Area-52][H] <Twerk Team Six> New Guild LF a Healer and at least 2 DPS

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Looking for: Healers and Ranged DPS (Need a shaman and/or mage for BL/Time Warp)

We are a group of five friends looking to start a raid group for Legion. We have varied levels of experience but overall we tend to find success in every game that we play. We are not looking for anything too hardcore but we want to be do the best we can.

Raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 9-12 PM Server time (EST), starting on 9/20 (Tuesday).

We want to build a solid group of 10 and add people on as we go if everything goes well we'd like to have a good group for Mythic raiding, eventually. We are not elitists but we want people to do their part (preparation) and play their class well (do your own research, but it is perfectly fine to ask questions), and overall have some enthusiasm towards raiding, care a little bit, that is all we ask. 

We try to keep a stress free environment and expect people to make mistakes, it happens, fix it, learn from it, and move on, you will not be hounded as long as you act like a mature adult. After all, this is a game, not a life or death matter.

The idea is that we will grow and evolve as a team. We want to start something new and hopefully keep it going as long as we can.

If you are interested, please fill out this form and we will contact you:

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