[Sargeras][A] <Medium Rare Tauren> is recruiting a few spots for our raid group and mythic+ group.

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<Medium Rare Tauren> is a small guild composed of competitive close group of friends that are looking to add a few more people to our raid group. We are currently in need of a Offtank (Druid or DK), a warlock, a dps DK, and an arms warrior.  Our raid times are currently Friday night 7pm-11pm EST and Saturday (times still being decided on Saturday)

We are also recruiting two spots for our core mythic+ group which we hope to start tonight around 6pm EST. We have a 845 DH tank, 848 Mistwalker monk, 843 fire Mage. We are looking for a 840+ ww monk, mm hunter, a rogue, a feral or boomkin Druid, or a enh shaman. We have two spots open so first come first serve. If interested please respond on this thread with Ilvl and class/spec.


Discord is required, mic is not.

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