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[Player][A/H] Vengeance Demon Hunter 851 Item Level

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About me:  Hello, I have been playing Video games since Atari: Empire Strikes Back, and I have been into mmo’s since Ultima Online. My first experience after character creation, which reminded me of DnD, was walking out of a city to explore only to get annihilated by other players instantly. My next experience was Everquest, I was amazed at how many people were playing together. I then proceeded to get annihilated by an enchanter hiding along a road, I believe he was a half-ling, or some other being of small stature. I went on to play Asheron’s Call on Darktide, and Dark Age of Camelot, I played Everquest 2, and Star Wars Galaxies, eventually after playing in Beta for World of Warcraft, settling on WoW. I have dabbled with other mmo’s Star Wars The Old Republic, and Warhammer Online, both I really wished had made it longer, and yes Star Wars is deadJ.

                I consider myself to be above average, I know how to not stand in bad stuff, and learn mechanics fairly quickly. I have a decent rig, and run things fairly well. I am looking for the right bunch of people to fit in with. I think these people would be open minded, and mature individuals. While I do watch south park, I do not wish to live in it every night during a raid. I am currently available evenings till morning. Looking for a raid team, starting on normal, and heroic, and hopefully working way up to mythic.

For a pretty good Tanktime add Atari#11720

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