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[Kazzak][H] Alis Aquilae (Late Night Casualish)

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Alis Aquilae is a raiding guild reborn from an old Alliance guild after the GM/RL transferred to Kazzak in 2012.

We last raided in Dragon Soul, Cataclysm, after which I took a long Hiatus from Guild/Raid Leading. Our guild was originally of the Apocalypse from EU-Neptulon (our progress and achievements can still be found on the armory for that guild:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/guild/neptulon/of%20the%20Apocalypse/ )

The guild has raided since TotC, and has at the end of Wrath, seen progress into WotLK content, achieving 12/12 HC prior to Cataclysm's release. As a guild we have participated in and completed every raid tier in Cataclysm.

Alis Aquilae is now a progression raiding guild which is designed to accommodate family life. The intention is to be casual in terms of raid schedule, aiming for 1-2 Nights per week on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday with a 22:00 GMT start time.

If you are still interested with our more laid back raid schedule, please apply at http://alisaquilae.shivtr.com/ 

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im a resto shaman 845+ with enhancement offspec 845+ that is looking for a guild who raids during the weekends.

i completed normal already so far and looking for a solid guild to make progress in legion

Gt => Flexo#2117

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