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Massive TL;DR - New guild made up of experienced players, raiding 2 nights a week, wanting to push Mythic content every raid tier with a no bull!@#$, no hand holding, no messing about approach. 


<I Just Wanna Raid> is a new, but old, guild on Draenor EU. We were a semi hardcore progression guild here during Mists of Pandaria, and we're back with a new name, a new team, and a new mindset. 

A bit of history - 

The founding core is 4 guys who've played together on and off for 4-5+ years, and found ourselves in a solid guild during WoD, but it just wasn't quite right for us. We all come from a HC background (or what is now Mythic), and it's what we want to get back into. However, we're all a little older than when we met, and rank pushing is not on the agenda for us - we can't raid 5 nights a week for the sake of Mythic progress anymore. 

So here we are, doing it our own way. Cause we just wanna raid. 

Heres the philosophy:
- No drama. We just wanna raid. Pissed you didn't get loot? Annoyed that your girlfriend/boyfriend didn't make the raid team tonight? Can't handle being called out for something that you should be doing better? We're not the right guild for you. 
- No politics. We'll be straight up with you, you be straight up with us. 
- Raids will be enjoyable (otherwise, what's the point?) but they'll also be good. We don't care how fun you are if you don't pull your weight. 
- We'll always push for progression where possible, and our goal will always be to clear Mythic content every tier. 
- We expect you to play your class to its strengths. If you're playing a sub-par spec over a competitive spec because you prefer it, we'll expect you to change and adapt. We prefer killing bosses. 
- We just wanna raid.

Practical stuff:

Raid days -
Wednesday 9pm-1am (Server time)
Monday 9pm-1am (Server time)

2 nights a week, 4 hour raids with 2 15 minute breaks, 7 hours total raiding a week. The idea here is quality over quantity. We have jobs, families, real lives - 2 nights a week works, but slightly longer hours, slightly longer breaks and a big emphasis on making the most of the raid hours we have. 

What type of player we want -

We have a strict 18+ policy, and expect you to be of a maturity or mindset where you can handle the no-bull%^-* stuff set out above. 

We aren't looking for a specific level of experience, that being said, the majority of our core has played for 5-10 years and we ideally want to be joined by players of a similar level of skill and experience, although this is not mandatory, and if we think you would would strengthen our raid team, we won't hesitate to offer you a spot. 

Additionally, the quality>quantity emphasis on our raiding schedule requires you to be reliable and diligent in your raid preparation. 

Recruitment requirements:

Tanks: Full.
DPS: Full on Mages and Shadow Priests, feel free to approach us with any other class, although highest priority is Death 
Healers: Paladin/Druid/Monk

How to apply:

In a few days we'll have a website for applications - in the mean time, get in touch with one of the officers below and we'll have a chat, mostly to see if you'd fit in with us! 

Cazual - azaya#21898
Kundor - frodakai#1139

Thanks for reading!

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