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Posting this on behalf of the original poster

Rekt is a new raiding guild on Proudmoore, created for raiders with unusual sleep cycles. We raid Wed/Thurs/Sat, 11:45PM - 3:00AM PST. Currently we are in the market for ranged DPS and healers.

As we are a new guild, you won't find a list of needlessly inflated ilvl requirements or illustrious raiding experience before we consider your application. Instead, here's what we're after from all our new raiders:

Punctual and prepared on all raid nights Friendly and respectful toward fellow guildies (you can be a jackass to everyone else) Minimum ilvl 835 If you think you can handle that demanding list, please fill out an application on our website:

If you have questions which demand answers before you feel at ease applying, feel free to whisper me (Spaceman-Proudmoore) and I will (probably) be happy to chat.

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