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About us

Restitution is a new guild full of experienced players! We've mostly been playing together since Wrath, but we're looking to fill our core raid group with new members! We're looking for 18+ years old as our conversations are not always SFW or safe for children ;). We like to focus on helping people get geared up, and expect our more geared and experienced members to help out. We run heroics and mythics nightly, and hoping to get a full 7/7 clear soon!

What we want in a raider

Since we are a laid back group, what we ask of our raiders is to have a positive attitude, patience during new content, and be ready to enjoy some laughs over teamspeak!

You should be a team player, willing to help get everyone geared up and in return you can expect the same from us!

You should be punctual and raid ready, this means you have at least seen the fight on youtube, you've got the proper food, flasks, and enchants for your role, you've read up on your class and have fine tuned your spec to work the best it can for you.

And finally, while you should take the raid seriously, you should be able to enjoy a good laugh at a dirty joke, laugh at mistakes and keeping moving forward!


We're currently looking for a warlock and mage, but ranged DPS is what we're focused on.

Pally or priest heals for MT/OT heals!

Raid and time

We're looking to clear Emerald Nightmare on Normal, and ideally progress into heroic from there. Raid times are Thursday 9pm-11pm server and Friday 9pm-12am server. Raid start times are strict, ideally people will be on a half hour before raid start time to get their consumables, get repaired, and do any last minute prep before the raid starts!


LF Warlock and Mage and Pally/Priest for tank heals. Raid times Thurs 9pm-11pm server, Fri 9pm-12am server. Be cool, don't be a dingle.

Think you'd make a good fit? Have any questions? Feel free to message me here or you can message myself (Tulkas#1982) or the GM (demosiah#1933) over battle net most evenings!

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