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I want to make a Weak Aura for the number of Dire Beasts I currently have active.  While this isn't going to have a large impact on playstyle, it could be useful information to have (eg. Way of the Cobra, eventually Titans Thunder).

With the new iteration, the buff isn't in stacks, but multiple copies of the same buff.  I'm not skilled enough in Weak Auras to write the custom trigger myself, but I think I would need to somehow track the difference in stacks gained and lost, and display the difference.  Or perhaps make a series where when the difference is 1 then display "1", and a second for when the difference is 2 then display "2", and so on.

Can anybody lend a hand?

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I'm not well versed in WAs to be able to properly help, but I'd advise checking out this link:

It has a huge list of WAs for every class, so hopefully someone has made one there. Sorry for the late reply, anyhow!

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The extremely easy solution is to create a TellMeWhen group, make the leftmost icon track Dire Beast buff and turn it into the Group Controller. If you get multiple Dire Beast buffs, the group will display several icons, one for each Dire Beast, showing the duration. 

If you want just one icon to display the amount of Dire Beasts in numerical form - I made this group, just import it into TellMeWhen:

^1^T^SGUID^STMW:group:1NxaXTO0EIww ^SPoint^T ^Sy^F8241071615853691 ^f-46^Spoint ^SLEFT^SrelativePoint ^SLEFT^Sx ^F8734503191183360^f-49 ^t^SScale^F6958029018759156 ^f-52^SEnabledSpecs ^T^N254^b ^N255^b ^t^SColumns^N2 ^SIcons^T ^N1^T ^SCLEUEvents^T ^SSPELL_CAST_SUCCESS^B ^t^SType^Scleu ^SCLEUDur^N0.1 ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1NxaXTNDdrFf ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SCounter ^SCounter^Sdb ^SEvent^SOnShow ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STexts^T ^N1^SOn ^t^t^t^SSourceUnit^Splayer ^SEnabled^B ^SFakeHidden^B ^SName^SУжасный~`зверь ^t^N2^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SSort^N-1 ^SDurationMin^N0.1 ^SType^Sbuff ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SCounter ^SCounter^Sdb ^SCounterAmt^N0 ^SCounterOperation^S= ^SEvent^SOnEventsRestored ^t^N2^T ^SType^SCounter ^SCounter^Sdb ^SCounterAmt^N0 ^SCounterOperation^S= ^SEvent^SOnAlphaDec ^t^N3^T ^SPassingCndt^B ^SType^SCounter ^SCndtJustPassed^B ^SValue^N0.1 ^SCounter^Sdb ^SCounterOperation^S- ^SEvent^SOnDuration ^t^Sn^N3 ^t^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STexts^T ^N1^S[Counter("db")] ^t^t^t^SStates^T ^N2^T ^SAlpha^N0.5 ^t^t^SEnabled^B ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SICON ^SLevel^N1 ^SIcon^STMW:icon:1NxaXTNDdrFf ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SDurationMax^N7 ^SName^SУжасный~`зверь ^t^t^SName^SDire~`Beast ^t^N81209^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N13 ^^

It's possible it won't work for you due to my Russian locale, in that case just rename the spell in the two icons into Dire Beast.

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Neat!  I haven't used TellMeWhen, but from what I understand the coding is similar.  Perhaps I can use that to reverse-engineer something for WA.  If not, I might just keep TMW around for that purpose.

I'll try that out when I get home.  Thanks!!

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52 minutes ago, Aukatos said:

Neat!  I haven't used TellMeWhen, but from what I understand the coding is similar.  Perhaps I can use that to reverse-engineer something for WA.  If not, I might just keep TMW around for that purpose.

I'll try that out when I get home.  Thanks!!

You're welcome. TellMeWhen is a bit simpler than WA, mostly point and click interface, but it's still complex and has a robust kit.

Let me know if you have any trouble with importing the group:



To import a group into TellMeWhen, you have to paste its code into a tiny black text field in the bottom right of the TMW configuration window. 

Next to the text field there is an "Import / Export / Restore" button. Press it after you paste the code and follow the menus.

It should look something like this: Import -> From String -> Group X -> Copy whole group -> Create new profile group.

There could be a popup window warning you about importing LUA code. Accept it. 


It's possible to customize the icon more, or even turn it into a bar. 

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