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[Tarren Mill] [H] <Blackout> 6/7(H)

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Greetings fellow Son's and Daughter's of the Horde!

<Blackout> is a newly formed guild on Tarren Mill EU, looking to expand our raid roster

When we raid: Weds & Thurs 20:30 - 23:30 server time

Positions available:
For our core team:
Healers: only 1-2 required - Interested in Resto Shaman/Resto Druid
DPS: Ranged - We have room for another hunter or mage

We are also looking for backup raiders for all positions.

About us:

We began raiding only a few week ago and are currently at 7/7 Normal and 6/7 Heroic (As of 28/10/2016)

We are currently in the process of gearing up some new members and recent re-rollers in normal/heroic
Our aim is to expand our roster whilst progressing on heroic and continuing to gear up until we are in a position to move onto mythic raiding.
However, very importantly, we plan to do this in a very relaxed way without the stress and pressure often experienced in a more high end raid guild. We are by no means trying to race into mythic, that is just our ultimate goal.
To achieve this we aim to build on our current roster to form a set 20 man mythic raid team, but will also require some additional members to act as backups as and when required.

We currently have a very strong core team already that we want to expand upon, and our founding members are veteran's that have raided some of the most challenging raid content in various past expansions, and after years of high end raiding are looking to approach Legion in a more relaxed manner.

Our set raid nights are just two nights a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays 20:30 - 23:30 server time, with other more casual raids on other days as our raiders dictate.

All we ask of anybody interested in joining us is a little commitment (just 2 days a week), a mutual respect for your fellow raiders and a decent understanding of the game/raiding in general and of course sufficient skill in your class to get through the raids at the level we are aiming for. In return you will find yourself in a very pleasant, relaxed yet high performing guild, with raids led by what can only described as the Bob Ross of Wow Raiding!

If you are interested please head over to our guild application page here http://blackout-guild.enjin.com/recruitment

or feel free to speak to me in game (Vohl/Draghuul - Tarren Mill or B.NET - Vohl#2886)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Edited by Vohl
updated requirements

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We are looking for some healers (full on priests) Resto Shamam, Holy Paladin, mistweaver monks 

also some ranged DPS particularly hunters

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We took a short break in order to recruit the people we needed to fill our main roster and are now back and on track.

Currently up to 6/7 HC


We are looking for a resto druid or shaman as well as another hunter/mage for our core raid team.


We are also looking for backup raiders of all roles 

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