[Ner'Zhul][A]<Volatile> (7/7 Heroic)RANGED DPS for Mythic Progression!

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<Volatile> is recruiting exceptional ranged DPS to push mythic progression! 


We are one of the top guilds on Ner'Zhul, and hit 7/7 heroic quickly after the raid was released. We are filled with mature, experienced players who enjoy seeing all the content that WoW has to offer soon after it is released. We are a group of players that have raided together for quite some time, and have all come from top guilds with heavy mythic and progression experience. 

We have a solid roster of DPS, Tanks, and healers, but are looking to add a few ranged DPS spots for players who think they can compete in a progression guild. 

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday - 6PM - 10PM PST (9-1 EST)

As we progress further Sunday will turn into a optional/clean up day as well. 

We are all active players and almost always have Mythic+, PVP, and other activities going on as a guild when we are not raiding. We also have a second group that is 7/7 Normal and 6/7 Heroic that raids on different times/days that are not set in stone. We are always looking for players who feel that can benefit the guild, regardless of class and spec, and are happy to trial you in this group as well. 


You can reach me at: Harlot#1220, or other officers at edmundantes#1107 and Ph4t3#1739

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