[Magtheridon] [H] <Feared> (1/7 Heroic) Recruiting ALL!

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<Feared> is currently recruiting ALL specs / classes for Mythic+ and casual raiding. We are currently 1/7 Heroic.

Raid schedule:
Friday 9p-11:30p EST (Progression night, may run later)
Monday 9p-11:30p EST (Cleanup)

About us:
<Feared> is made up of some core members that have been playing/raiding together since vanilla, where we achieved the server first kill of Onyxia. Most of us are now in our early 30's and while we aren't able to raid as much as we would like to, we still manage to grind out a lot of content in a short amount of time. We have a very laid back attitude most nights (Discord always has people on doing dungeons, questing, playing other games) but come raid night we know it's time to focus. 

We are looking to move from 10 man to 20 man and have plenty of spots open. If interested feel free to message me @ Psikotik#1538

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