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[Enh] Help with my Shaman

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Hello Shamans

First of all i am sorry for my ENG. 
Here's my shammy  http://eu.battle.net/wow/ru/character/гордунни/Охмуриэль/simple;

a combatlog of the encounter:  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/djcXh3ZQ4M1GmvgK#fight=38

i am trying to follow recommended rotation.

plz take a look at this guy https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kCapKMb3gHfR4PGw#fight=10

almost same ilvl, but +100k dps compared to me. i dont understand what i'm doing wrong. Uptime of landslide and frostband 95% compared to 98% but i dont think this will lead to 100k dps gap. Is this wrong gearing or rotational mistakes?

Thank you.



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HI Oronezz,

I'm not one of the more quantitatively-oriented WoW players, but I've been playing a while and have found that 'eyeball tests' can explain a good amount of variance for much less work.

Looking at the logs you posted, I see a few things that might explain some of the difference.  Firstly, the duration of the fight.  The 'pro' shammy you linked beat Ursoc in considerably less time than your team (216s vs 269s, or 20% less time).  This means that his team was under the Bloodlust effect for 18.5% of the fight, instead of 14.8% of the fight. 

Despite the shorter duration of the fight, he managed 4 more casts of Stormstrike, our biggest source of damage.  His stormstrikes even, on average, hit less hard than yours, but getting the extra hits in made up for the difference. 

Of course, I don't know how much of this is rng; he may have gotten lucky with procs.  But my guess is that a reasonable enough part of his greater damage came from just getting more casts in.  If you examine the casts tab, he got in an average of 1.08 casts per second, vs. your 0.87.  Again, some of that could be his getting lucky with rng, but I suspect not enough to account for the entirety of the discrepancy.

I'm new to main-raiding as Enhancement, so my logs are nothing to celebrate either, but I do have a sense of what I need to improve. 

You might try weak auras or an add-on like TellMeWhen, so that you don't miss out on executing your priority abilities as soon as they come off cooldown.  They'd also probably help with not casting overwriting the Frostbrand/Flametongue buffs too much, which I suspect may also have happened. Example: he cast Frostbrand 14 times in 186 seconds, or once every 15.4 seconds, meaning only about 0.5 seconds on average of 'overwrite'.  You cast it 20 times in 269 seconds, or once every 13.45 seconds, meaning closer to 2.5 seconds of overwrite.  Remember that Frostbrand doesn't hit hard at all, right? It's just about keeping up the Hailstorm buff.  So if you're hitting it 2.5 seconds before you need to, or 2 seconds before the 'pro' does, that's on average 2 *other* abilities you could've used instead, that hit a lot harder.


  • his whole team did more damage than your team. shorter fights = higher % of the fight with procs and bloodlust
  • try an add-on that will help you make sure you're hitting all your important abilities when you need to, and not hitting other abilities that only really serve to buff you, before you need to
  • some rng

I'm in the same boat you are and know I need to improve as well.  I'm sure with a few tweaks you'll see your numbers creep higher.

Good luck!


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It's important to first note that Stormbringer (SB) luck can be the difference between an incredible kill and a mediocre kill. Going an entire Stormstrike cooldown will make your dps look awful and there's nothing that can be helped.

I looked at your buff uptime and placement of casts and you look great on that end. From what I can tell, this is likely an issue in your itemization. Your distribution of stats are quite different in comparison to the other guy's.

  You Other Guy
Mastery 9456 10263
Haste 3823 6431
Crit 4558 1290

A lot of your gear is statted with crit instead of mastery and haste, the enhance guide on this site suggests you shoot for shoot for 60-65% haste rating to mastery rating. With mastery directly increasing the proc chance of SB and haste increasing your auto-attacks / decreasing GCD, this can have a huge effect on the number of SB procs you get/consume and thus your Stormstrikes used. 

This is most apparent when comparing the lust phases of your fights. I've selected a 1:45 chunk of time around each of them.

Your FIghtOther Fight

The other guy has used 30% more Stormstrikes and has done about 40% more damage in the same amount of time (It also helps that the other guy's fight was much shorter). Going off your procs, you couldn't have played it any better and just needed more Stormstrikes. Hopefully you can pick up some more haste/mastery drops and drop those crit pieces.

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