Enhancement Shaman DPS Stat Priority — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1.5

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On this page, you will find out the optimal stat priority for your Enhancement Shaman. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations. Our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1.5.

1. Stat Priorities for Enhancement Shaman

Stat priority will shift to some extent depending on which build you are using. Note that any of these recommendations can and will change depending on your gear, so simming your own character will yield much more accurate results. Use these as a very basic guideline.

1.1. Non Azerite Dependent

This build will generally work best with any mix of traits when using the basic talent options:

  1. Haste;
  2. Critical Strike = Versatility;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Agility.

Note that in AoE and Cleave situations, Mastery rises to the value of Haste, making it extremely strong in current BfA content.

1.2. Primal Primer

This build assumes you have multiple instances of Primal Primer Icon Primal Primer on your gear and are using appropriate talents:

  1. Mastery;
  2. Haste;
  3. Critical Strike = Versatility;
  4. Agility.

This is caused by the increased value of Mastery via your damage profile shifting heavily into Lava Lash Icon Lava Lash instead.

1.3. Strength of Earth:

This build assumes you have multiple instances of Strength of Earth Icon Strength of Earth on your gear and are using appropriate talents:

  1. Haste;
  2. Critical Strike;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Versatility;
  5. Agility.

In the same vein as the first build, Mastery rises to the top when in AoE and Cleave situations.

1.4. Breakpoints & Ratios

Now that Battle for Azeroth is in full swing, Enhancement has followed a number of other classes in no longer finding Primary stats as desirable as they were at the start. Secondaries due to the synergy they have with each other have now begun to outscale it and are now largely the decider on items. There are still, however, no strict ratios or breakpoints on gear to aim for. Ideally, to decide on specific gear, you should generate your own stat weight plot within SimulationCraft, as due to this, the stats currently present on your gear can drastically alter which is the ideal choice.

2. Getting a Better Understanding of Enhancement Shaman Stats

Agility provides you with Attack Power, which increases the damage of your melee attacks and abilities.

Critical Strike increases the chance for your attacks and abilities to critically strike, dealing double damage.

Haste increases the speed of your melee autoattacks, enabling you to get more procs Stormbringer Icon Stormbringer and Windfury Icon Windfury procs. You will also generate more Maelstrom due to your Maelstrom Weapon Icon Maelstrom Weapon passive. Haste also decreases the your Global Cooldown to a minimum of 0.750 seconds, and reduce the cooldown of your Stormstrike Icon Stormstrike, Rockbiter Icon Rockbiter, Crash Lightning Icon Crash Lightning, Overcharge Icon Overcharge, and Flametongue Icon Flametongue abilities.

Mastery, through Mastery: Enhanced Elements Icon Mastery: Enhanced Elements, increases all of your Fire, Frost, and Nature damage and further increases the chance to proc Stormbringer Icon Stormbringer and Windfury Icon Windfury.

Versatility increases all damage and healing you do, and reduces all damage taken.

3. Changelog

  • 16 Apr. 2019: Reviewed for Crucible release, added small disclaimer regarding weights and simming.
  • 21 Jan. 2019: Updated for season 2 to cover different weights depending on specific Azerite builds.
  • 10 Dec. 2018: This page has been reviewed for Patch 8.1 and no changes are necessary.
  • 15 Sep. 2018: Added note regarding Mastery being strong in AoE.
  • 13 Aug. 2018: Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.
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