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[Bleeding Hollow][H] - <Renowned> 7/7N 4/7H Experienced Group LF Raiders

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<Renowned> is a newly formed guild built upon two different groups of longtime friends that met at the release of Legion. We discovered that each group had similar goals, and that we would each like to continue progressing on the Legion raid content together. We are in a transitional period currently, and need to work toward fleshing out the roster further.

We strive to create a raid environment that can push the content, while still having a good time doing so. We are all adults with other commitments, but expect consistent attendance and exceptional performance from one another.

Our aim is to be a Mythic progression guild with a relaxed raiding schedule. 

Loot is to be distributed with EPGP, ensuring commitment is paramount to receiving loot.

Raid Times:
Tuesday 8-11pm server
Thursday 8-11pm server
Monday (Clean Up) 8-11pm server

If interested whisper Blasti/Yodahh/Harambáe in-game, or add my battletag blast#11499

Currently accepting all roles. 

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Edited order of title slightly.

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    • By Sappora
      Methodical is in search of dedicated players that are looking to push content in a semi-hardcore environment. All of our raiders try to be on a first-name basis with each other. Our raids are very fun when it comes to farm and carries, however, we do clean up when it's time for progression. When it comes to raiding we do provide benefits, paid for by selling carries. 
      All-in-all we are looking for players willing to: consistently improve their performance, take responsibility, and synergize with a group of players. If this interests you, all of our info is below.
      Guild: Methodical
      Creation: 2013
      Server: Bleeding Hollow
      Faction: Horde
      VoIP: Discord
      Raid Progression: 7/7 M EN, 3/3 H ToV, 1/10 M NH
      Raid Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
      Raid Times: 9:30P-12:30A EST (Be online by 9:15P)
      Spirit Cauldrons
      Potion Program
      Extensive Raid Repairs
      Those that are low we are not in need of but will trial, those medium and high are in need!
      demon (hunter)    medium
      druid (restoration)    medium
      monk (dd)    high
      paladin (retribution)    high
      priest (dd)    high
      warlock    high
      If interested please contact one of the players listed below we can give information about: Bleeding Hollow, Methodical, and our raids. 
      Contact Info:
      Merkshow#1993 (GM)
      Sappora#1724 (Recruitment)
      Franny#1457 (Officer)
      Borlax#1380 (Officer)
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      Undaunted Gaming League is a family based guild, that means most of us have families and careers and are unable to play WoW at all times, that is recruiting players to band together for core teams. We would like to form teams for arena, RBG's, Daily Mythic dungeons, raid progression, gold making, and even battle pets. Even if you are a casual player that is looking to socialize, or want a team to work together on professions, we would like to help you help us. is our guild site, feel free to stop by to fill out an application and email a guild member for an invite. If you would like additional information, please message a player in game or myself directly darkmograine#1675
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      Elephant in the Room
      Hello and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Phizzeledout and am currently recruiting PvP players for my guild "Elephant in the Room"
      The guild is level 3 and interested in any PvP players. 
      - Online AT LEAST four days of the week (it does not matter which)
      - Skype account
      - Clear voice while talking (Typically due to not having a mic)
      - Gemmed/Enchanted Gear
      - Minimum of Tyrannical Gear
      Who to Contact?
      There are several ways to do this.
      - Respond to this thread
      - Send me a private message on Icy Veins
      - Message Phizzeledout while you are online
      -- If I am not online type ( /who Elephant in the Room ) and message anyone that is online
      Thanks for reading! I hope you join!